Cat Rosie on a kayak tour

As this video shows, cat Rosie has grown up and that means that she can come along on one or the other trip. A reason for their owners to put the hearty kitty in a kayak and to sail with her on a body of water. Of course, one of her husky friends should not be missing.

A boat trip is a great thing, especially if the family's darlings are part of it. Velvet paw Rosie and her husky buddy Miko love the water and are instantly hooked when their owners want to go on a kayak trip. Whoops, the two animals are already sitting in the boat and enjoy the lapping of the water and the bright sun.

While Rosie looks relaxed and curiously into the distance, the dog has other plans: Standing at the top of the kayak, he focuses on a water bird, but quickly pulls out when he spots the four-legged friend on the mini-boat. This boat trip is really exciting and entertaining!

Dog and cat are friends for life

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